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How Did Pet Apparel Become So Popular?

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Is it just the Paris Hilton's of the world who really buy  dog clothes for their pampered pooches, or are others following trendy styling of their pets?

Amazingly, decorating dogs date back as far as Egyptian times where people used decorative collars to adorn their canine companions, A dog collar with hunting scenes embossed in the leather with the dog’s name Tatanouit was found in a tomb of the ancient Egtptian nobleman, Malharpiri dating back to 1440 BC. Tatanouit was the nobleman’s favorite dog in which he wished to bring with him to the afterlife.

During the Renaissance era,  King Henry VIII used decorative dog collars dressed in gold, silver, silk, and velvet to represent how many battles the dog survived. These valuable collars were fitted with a pad lock where only the owner held the key.

There is evidence that the upper class and nobility have been decorating their dogs for centuries. As early as 1900, there are  photographs of people dressing their bull dogs in human costumes.

In modern times, canine clothing has truly become a global phenomenon. Dog fashion has also been substantially influenced with the advent of the Internet. Today, it is common for people to dress up their dogs, particularly small dogs. The idea of dressing up pets for health reasons has practical roots. Many people believe that if their dog has short hair or is an older thinner dog, covering the dog to keep warm is a good idea.

Was it Bruiser Woods (or his dresser) back in 2001 who was onto something in the movie called,  “Legally Blond?” In the movie, the fashionable Chihuahua companion to Rees Witherspoon’s character Elle Woods seemed to be in a new outfit as often as his mistress.

Others credit Paris Hilton for the tremendous growth in  pet apparel. Ever since Paris Hilton featured her cute little Chihuahua, known as Tinkerbell, on TV in 2003, the pet apparel industry has boomed in sales.

In 2010, there was a dog fashion show in New York, called the “Last Bark at Bryant Park.” These events in conjunction with the rise of the computer age have truly spurred major enthusiasm and rapid growth in the pet apparel industry

Without a doubt, we all know that everyone loves their pampered pooch these days! And what pet owner doesn’t want their pooch to be the coolest looking dog in town? Today, some of the most popular variety of clothes for dogs, include:  bandanashoodiesjacketsshirts, sweaters and even Paw Wear. Shop now at and dress up your pooch in the coolest threads!

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