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Your Dog’s Paws are for Playing, Not Scratching

Don’t let your dog suffer this season with itchy, painful flea bites. Your dog’s life could depend on you keeping them protected by preventing fleas from getting out of control, which can lead to hair loss or even disease. Ticks carry numerous diseases, including Lyme disease, which can be contracted by dogs or humans. Unfortunately, these parasites thrive in places where your dog loves to roam, including the woods and tall grasses. Since you can’t always control your dog’s playing and roaming environment, you need to keep them safe by using a preventative flea protection product. First of all, you should discuss your dog’s needs with your veterinarian, in which they can offer you the best advice for which product to use on your pet. Once you’ve discussed this with your vet, we can save you money on flea protection for your dog here at PetProMart. Whether you need a flea collar, a tick collar or even tick shampoo, we've got your covered. We have everything you need to provide your pet with the very best pest control. After all, your dog’s paws are for playing, not scratching!